{31 Days- Day 7} Asking Our Kids

Kid Quizzes on your Scrapbooking Layouts

 About 10 years ago, I bought a magazine by Simple Scrapbooks called “Scrapbook Shortcuts with quizzes and questions”. The magazine was filled with different quizzes to be used in your layout. I really liked the way you can use this to create an amazing layout about yourself, family, relationships and children.

The one that I use the most is kid quizzes. I know that we create layouts on our children based on milestones, special events, what and who they love.  I started this when my son was 5 years old and I try to do this every few months because kids change their voice and personality each time you see them. It’s amazing how they change from when they were little till now.

Creating a quiz style form is easy not just for us but for the children. It helps them answer the questions without have a blank stare looking at you. It’s also a great opportunity for them to write the answers in their own handwriting.  It’s so much fun to do with this with the kids and often amusing. Since my son, I also have done quizzes with my daughter.  One day, you will be able to look back at these layouts and remember what she or he was like at a particular age.

Here are some quiz questions that will help you get a glimpse how the children see the world, what kind toys they played, shows or movies they watched and their dreams.
What is your favorite song, singer, or band?
What is your favorite clothing outfit or shoes?
What is the coolest thing you have learned lately?
What is the best thing about today?
What is the worst thing about today?
What are your favorite meals?
What is your favorite snack?
What is your favorite hobby?
What is your favorite toy or game?
What is your favorite TV show?
What kinds of book do you read?
What is your favorite book?
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
What chores do hate or like doing?
How do you get to school?
What make you mad?
Where would you like to go on vacation next year?
What 5 places would like to go on vacation with your family?
What is your dad or mom really good at?
What is one thing that mom or dad say to you all the time?
What did you and dad/mom do together that you love to do?
What is your favorite color(s)?
What is your favorite thing about your pet?
Tell me about your best Halloween costume ever.
Who is your best friend?
What’s under your bed? In your closet?
What is your favorite holiday and why?
What is the best present you ever got?

The questions are infinite and you are able to create amazing creations with your children.  It’s amazing how much you can ask and the amount of answers you get from them. Make a list, and/or questions or let them check off answers. Whatever you do, it will fun for the both of you.

Here are a few layouts I did of my son and daughter with quizzes being the focal point in my layouts. These ones are from when they were younger but will being more now at 17 and 14.
Chris at 12 by Lucy Chesna  Credits  Kits: Diva Digital Design; Font: Kristen,Arial
Maggie by Lucy Chesna Credits  Kits: Sweet Pretties by Chelly Oliviera

It’s a special way to connect with the children in your lives and see the amazing changes they go through each year. Most important, it’s a fun way to create and express your love for them.


Miranda said...

Adorable!!!! BL

LisaM said...

Great idea and live your pages! BL

Paula Jennings said...

I've never thought tyo do that! What an awesome idea! And love thelayouts you used the questions on! Great idea!

Elisa Ablett said...

Great idea! ill be sure to give that a go on an upcoming layout, I have trouble journaling sometimes. BL

Bev Code said...

what a fab idea and great way to share part of them in years to come.. BL

Susan Wojtkowski said...

What great questions! I used to interview my kids for their scrapbook it! BL