{31 Days- Day 5} Meal Plan for the Week

Each week on Sunday, I take about 30 minutes to plan my meals for the week, take inventory of the food that we have and list the items that I need for the grocery store. This really helped me spend less and buying doubles of stuff. 

I posted below links to PDF's of forms that I created and use for my meal planning. I have a few more like some recipes, weekly cleaning and organizing the house and bill paying.

The first thing I do is write down what I have on hand in the freezer
 Then I go through the refrigerator and do the same thing with the pantry. Then I look over what I have , what I need to get at the grocery and what I can make for dinners. I have been doing this for over 6 years and saves time plus no extra spending on fast food.
After looking through my list, I can check the calendar if we have anything to do that week. This will determine on the dinners if its crockpot, fast and quick or oven dinners. It saves so much time for us and we eat better by doing this.


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