{31 Days Challenge- Day 16} Cleaning Tip- Auto Vent Sticks

Not just for Cars...
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You probably have seen those auto vent sticks and used them in your car vents to eliminate odors and keep the car smelling great. You can find them at any store that has an auto department even your local dollar store.

These vent sticks aren't just for the car but in your own heating vents at home. Now that the weather is changing, we will soon be turning the heat on. We have a dog and let me tell you, it does not smell great over here when it rains especially with a wet dog around carpets. These little suckers have changed my somewhat OCD and even use these guys on the air conditioners in the summer.

Before you add them to your heating vent or air conditioner clean it. Every few months the vents need to be cleaned especially from dust, debris and build up.

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Heating Vents
Remove covers and vacuum inside the heating vents

Use a cheap foam brush or paint brush to dust between the heating vent panel
Clean around the heat vents with a sponge with soap and water; dry it with a paper towel
Change the air filters in the furnace after you cleaned your heating vents
Add auto vent stick (this can stay on the vent for at least 6 months)
Clean the vents weekly if being used regularly 

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Air Conditioner
Remove the cover and filter to be cleaned
Vacuum the condenser coils
Use a foam brush to dust between 
Use the same thing to wash it with soap & water if a sponge cant get into it
Wash or replace the air filter 
Clean the water pan to prevent growth of mold
Add auto vent sticks

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this little tip bit

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What a great idea, thanks for the tip. BL