{31 Days Challenge- Day 13} No Sew Curtians

No Sew Curtains

I was in Walmart last month checking out the curtain clearance section. I found a brown panel curtain for $5. It was big enough that I would be able to make two curtains for the downstairs game room.

Its easy to make and in no time you will have curtains in any room of your house or apartment. I do sew but the machine is not working and I need to have curtains up before the party on the 24th so I planned making new sew curtains.

What you need
  • Heat-n-Bond Clear iron on adhesive
  • Iron/Iron Board 
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Small face cloth

The Heat-n-Bond comes in different sizes, weight and amount. I always have 2 different kinds of sizes and weight based on what I will be using it for. The no-sew iron-on adhesive makes hemming easy without a needle or thread. It creates clean, secure hems in seconds with no sewing and is completely machine washable! Use with cotton poly blends, cotton, rayon, acrylic, linings and much more. Some of them have two kinds of backing- paper or mesh. It does not matter which one you get but I prefer mesh style.

Step One:
Fold the curtain in half and cut it then large bands on the top and bottom if they are too large.

Step Two:
To hem the sides I made a cut so that I'm able to put a rod in and keep the edges straight

Step Three:
Turn on iron at the med/high level and moisten the face towel. You will be repeating this step a few times with the face towel.

Step Four:
Cut a strip of the adhesive and place as seen here then fold the fabric over it. Pin it if you need to hold it place before you go to the next step.

Step Five:
Place damp face cloth over the fabric and press firmly the iron over it till it bonds. Be careful of the steam that comes from it.  Repeat this step till the sides are done.

Step Six:
Finish the sides and let it cool. Check it over to see if you need to repeat the bonding in some areas then trim with scissors the extra thread around to give it a clean cut look.

I had extra fabric so I trimmed it and made tiebacks for the curtains.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Tania Ridgwell said...

They look great, thanks for sharing. BL