Hello September

Back to School- First Day of High School for the kids. I can't believe I have a Freshman and Senior at high school. 

Summer vacation is over and the buzz with back to school and the holidays are coming up. I know it's crazy to think of that but all the craziness is here.

Posting my crazy life will be therapeutic in some way. With a part time job, a business , family and's a learning process and sometimes it works and other times it's a bomb but what matters we tried.  

Set-up- Getting ready for the week- showing how I organise my dinners for the week, grocery list making and anything else on that calendar I need to get done.

Recipes- Yummy easy recipes that you can do it 20 minutes or less, crockpot ideas and baking. Sometimes I will have step by step pics or videos.

Scrapbooking- All about scrapbooking. It will be a variety of things from tutorials, tips, sketches and inspirations

Escape Traveling- Traveling specials, last minute deals, tips and so much more

Photography- I am teaching myself so I will be posting my "oh baby that is good!" moments and "oh boy what the hell was I thinking" moments with photography.

Giveaways- People love free stuff and it's fun too. We are looking for sponsors(if you sponsor, you will receive free advertising on my blog for a month. Adding banners or logos to my blog is only $10 a month)

Interests- My own love of things that make me happy like reading, favorite quotes, inspirational art pieces and my bible.

I will have printables and links for you in a few things that I post here in the blog. If I don't and you would like a copy, please post it in the comment box or email me. 

If you have tips or tricks that help you please let me know and I would love to have you as a guest blogger here. You can email me at


Jean said...

Awww... I miss those days! Good luck on their upcoming year!

Tania Ridgwell said...

Sounds like you have a plan for the upcoming year. Hope it's a good one BL

Elisa Ablett said...

A lot planned for the upcoming year!! great to see lots of hobbies and relaxing things planned. BL