Alcohol Ink Backgrounds with Embossing

Alcohol Ink Backgrounds with Embossing
By Lucy Chesna

Using alcohol inks is something I have only tried a few times and to be honest looking at the inks, mixers and blending solutions it really looked difficult craft to figure out.  I took the plunge and with a lot of trial and error, I started having fun seeing the results. I really love creating backgrounds with the alcohol inks.

Here is a simple but fun way of creating a beautiful background with alcohol inks and embossing powder

Cardstock for card base
White cardstock (1/4 inch bigger around the glossy paper)
Glossy paper (3 x 4 ¼)
Large rubber stamp image
Alcohol Inks
Alcohol Blending Solution
Blending Tool
Dye Ink Pad
Embossing Powder
Heating Gun

1.    Remove the top from your first bottle of ink. You are going to squirt a bit of ink onto the felt that is attached to the velcro. However, to avoid spills, place the felt side over the tip of the ink bottle, then invert. Squirt a small puddle of ink, invert again. I add 4 colors onto my felt. I used Ranger Alcohol Inks Copper, Clover, Raspberry and Pebble.

2.    When you have as many "blotches" as you wish, begin dabbing the tool (felt side down) over your glossy paper. You will get circular shapes of color.
3.    Moving quickly, squirt some blending solution on your felt-covered tool, and then smear the felt around over the dabs of colored ink on your glossy paper.
4.    Tab a good amount of ink onto the stamp and then hard over the background.
5.    It’s still wet so add embossing to the whole paper then use your gun to heat it. Let It cool
6.    Take the versamark and add over a quarter around like a frame then put some emboss on it; Use your heating gun to finish it off
7.    Adhere the stamped glossy paper onto the white cardstock. Then add it to your card base and you are done

So you can see that just the right amount of inks, you can make an ordinary stamp come alive. I love the way it turned and I can't wait to make more backgrounds with my Alcohol Ink.


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The Gov. said...

Great technique ... I love Alcohol Inks!

Tracy F. said...

Beautiful! What a great technique! BL

Camille Short said...

Your projects always WOW me! Bloggie Love