Book Review and Give Away!

A couple months ago I was contacted by Laura Childs (New York Times best selling author). She writes mystery books and one of her mystery series is The Scrapbooking Mysteries Series. I have read all her books and was waiting for this book to come out . She asked if I'd be interested in reading an upcoming novel to be released this week and writing a review. I fainted!

First, I had to read the email like four times to make sure I was not imagining it then wrote her back with excitement. Well I sent another email from her website to make it was for real. I could see her chuckling about it but she understand and she sent me the book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book and my review is 
based on my personal opinion of the book.

The Scrapbook Mysteries series is about a scrapbooking shop owner in New Orleans that gets caught in mayhem.  This book is #10 in the The Scrapbook Mysteries called Postcards From the Dead.

A Madi Gras is going on in New Orleans and you can really feel the excitement that is going on. Carmela is the main character and she owns a scrappy store called Memory Mine scrapbooking. To get more extra publicity for her shop she agreed to do an interview with Kimber Breeze of a local broadcasting station. Before her interview, Carmela, is thrusted into a murder scene.  You can see Carmela getting right into the investigation with a little help from her friends especially her Ava (I love her!) but she is also getting postcards signed by the dead person.  Carmela’s main squeeze, Detective Babcock is not happy with all of this and you can see a lot stuff going on especially their relationship. In the book, Carmela is going to be busy solving this crime, figure who is sending her those postcards and run her scrapbooking business if it does not kill her first.

Numerous times I thought I knew who did it but at the end it shocked me. This why I love these books! It took you on a ride to solve the mystery. 

Laura Childs did it again and I am telling you I cant wait for the next one to come out. In the books, Laura leaves some scrapbooking tips and yummy recipes. There is one I am will making in the near future.

 I get to give away one copy of this book

Here's what you need to do to win:
- Leave me a comment sharing what types of books you like to read
- Post good book you've just read (if any)
- Share this giveaway

I will announce the winner on Tuesday, October 9th 
You will receive a copy of the book directly from the author!


Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez said...

I've read books when I was a teenager. I guess the types of books I'd like to read had evolved - from inspirational Og Mandino books, horror books by John Saul, mystery books by Agatha Cristie to romance books though not the Mills & Boons type, and to self-help books.

As I've reached age 30 years ago, I went to reading Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham and more inspirational books. I guess I was influenced by my young sis who became an avid reader at that time.

But now, I've stopped reading . . . though I've been buying dainty bookmarks 2 Christmases ago for myself and as for give-away. I was hoping to get to read a good book but scrapbooking has taken my time together with helping at home.

It's the 2nd time i've encountered a scrapbooking-related book and author and it would be nice to be able to get hold and read one. I guess I must have been out of the loop with novels and paperbacks. lol

Thanks for this opportunity, Lucy! And a short and concise synopsis leaving some mystery for us to guess the novel's ending . . . =)

Cheryl said...

I am a voracious reader and love mysteries most of all. I just finished the newest book by J.R. Robb, called Delusions in Death. Just took it back to the library as a matter of fact. My other favourite author is Iris Johanson and the character Eve Duncan. I have read her entire series about Eve and her quest to find her daughter Bonnie. I would love to read this book, a mystery and scrapbooking in the same book, my kind of find! thanks for the opportunity to win it Lucy!

LisaM said...

Sounds like a great book Lucy!
I used to read every night, now I take my iPad to bed. I am more of a summer reader when I am off work. I am reading Water For Elephants but it is taking me forever.

Malin/malwa said...

I usually prefer historical novels and my favourite authors are Diana Gabaldon and Philippa Gregory.

Yesterday I finished the latest book by Ms Gregory - "The Kingmaker's Daughter" - set in 15th century England telling the story of Anne Neville, wife of Richard III. Great book!

Sherri P said...

I have read one or two of laura's scrapbooking stories. but I love john grishman and all the stories by janet evanovich. most recently read her "wicked" story. it was good but not as good as the one for the money series. they are my faves!! I will share this contest on my blog.

Lucy Chesna said...

Thanks ladies...