{Kreaxions} Fishy Flower

Who could of thought you can create a flower with a fish punch? Well you can and its really eash to do one.
I used the Kreaxions Circle Cutter and Kreaxions Punch 607 Koi create the flower.
You will need
1- 1/2 inch circle
1- 1 inch circle
12 Koi punched pieces from patterned paper or cardstock
Liquid Adhesive
Step One:
 Punch out your pieces and you will need the 1/2 inch circle to be your base of your flower. Add some adhesive to the circle and adhere 4 of the Koi punches on it. I created look a like cross.
Step Two:
 Then add the rest of the Koi punched pieces all around then let it dry.
Step Three:
 Adhere the last punch on top and you are ready to add yoru flower to any of your projects
Here is my finished project:

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