{Tutorial} Fabric Shapes

I love using fabric to create shapes and whatever project you add too, it creates such an amazing look to it. It's hard to cut it out but there are ways to stiffin the fabric so it will feel like paper. It's an inexpensive alternative to paper and a great way to use your stash.

By stiffening the fabric, you will be able to fold and cut it just like paper. It can be cut to any size and the edges will not fray.

There are a few products that can do the job like Stiffy Fabric Stiffener, starch, interfacing, clear varnish, decoupage and elmers glue.

First choose the fabric you would like to use. Pretty much all kinds of fabric will do the trick except for fleece and very sheer fabric.

Supply List

Wax Paper
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Foam brush
Pieces of large fabric pieces
Various shapes to trace
Paint, mists or whatever you like to give color to the shapes
Step One: Iron the fabric and lay it on the wax paper

Step Two: Add the fabric stiffener evenly with the foam brush. The fabric has to be saturated. Go over it again on the other side with even coats

Step Three: Let it dry for 24 hours or until its dry. Drying time may vary depending on temperature and humidity. The stiffener adds no color to the fabric and will not change its appearance.

Step Four: Trace your shapes on the fabric piece and cut them out

Step Five: After you trace them , you can add glitter, thread, sequins, paint, mist or paper to the fabric. Moisture from the paint or mist can make it limp, but it restiffens when dry again, then iron flat.

Your creativity has just expanded from paper to fabric in a few simple steps. If you do not have a fabric stash, now might be the time to start one.

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