SNR: Adding 3D effect on a photo

Adding 3D effect on a photo by Lucy Chesna

Got a photo you just adore and want a unique way to show it off? Creating a 3D effect on photo will do the trick.

To have 3D effect, photos got to have a clear subject (person(s) or thing(s)) that you’d like to separate from the background. You can even change up the photos so the background can be black and white while the pop can be colored.

Two exact photos
Pop Dots

Step One: Choose the photo that you would like to create the effect. It can be both colored or have one colored and the other black and white.

Step Two: Cut the image from one of the photos

Step Three: Add pop dots in the back of the photo that you just cut out

Step Four: Position the photo that has the pop dots on top the other photo. You are ready to add the picture to your scrapbooking project.

A few ideas for taking your photo pop-outs to the next level:
Use black or gray cardstock behind the photo thats being popped to really make it pop
Use markers to color in the edges of the cut up photo so they blend in better with the base photo.
Use additional photos and pop-outs to create multi-layer effects. Popping out some objects on a third or even fourth layer will give your pop-out more dimension.

Whatever you do it will look great!


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