SNR: Curly Fabric Tutorial

Curly Fabric By Lucy Chesna

A decorative curly fabric makes a big statement when added to your project. Fabric comes in many colors and designs. Making your own is an easy thing to do. This project will allow you to customize it from the fabric of your choice.

Supply List:
Wax Paper
Pencils or skewers
Rubber bands
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Foam Brish

Step One: Add the fabric stiffener evenly with the foam brush. The fabric has to be saturated. Go over it again on the other side with even coats

Step Two: Take your pencil and take the end of the fabric and press it down with the pin on the eraser section. Wrap it around till you reach the end of the pencil or skewer

Step Three: When the fabric has been wrapped around the pencil or skewer then tie the end of with an elastic. Let it dry on top of the wax paper.

Step Four: After letting it dry, you can take if off the pencil and you are ready to use them in your project.

Starch several pieces of fabric at the same time. Cut them to desired length and width and store for future products. If you tore the fabric, it will provide a natural look for your next project

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LisaM said...

Great tutorial Lucy!