Altering Bottle Caps

I love creating little pieces of beauty with bottle caps. They are so easy to use and you can create pretty much anything with it.
The supplies you need:
Bottle Caps
Diamond Glaze
1 inch circle punch
Scrap of pattered paper or cardstock
Small pieces to add to the bottle cap like rhinestones, glitter or trinkets
Bottle Cap images

All of these supplies are available at OUTLAW WOMEN SCRAPBOOK EMPORIUM
Step 1: Gather your supplies

Step 2: Decide on the pieces you will be using in the bottle cap then cut it out with the circle punch

Step 3: Add some diamond glaze to hold down the image or patterned paper then add a good amount of diamond glaze on top
Step 4: Add your rhinestones, glitter or trinkets into the bottle cap; Let it dry for 24 hours

Step 5: Then you are ready to add it to a card, ATC, layout or create a beautiful piece of jewelry with it

Here are some are examples I have made with the bottle caps:

Tip #1: To flatten the bottle cap is use a runner mallet on crown side up. I do mine at home on my concrete garage floor. Give the caps a couple of light taps with a rubber mallet. This is just to get them started—we’ll do the real smashing on the flip side. Do not try this with a hammer, or you’ll end up with deformed bottle caps. A mallet will distribute the pressure evenly. Flip the caps over and place them on your work surface crown side down. Beat them with the mallet like you mean it. With a little practice, this takes two or three good whacks. The outer edge of the cap with roll outward, and you’ll end up with a lovely round metal embellishment that looks nothing like a bottle cap.

Tip #2: You can also you a die cut machine like a BigKick, or a Cuttlebug. First place your bottle caps flat side down on the thick white A mat. Place a Cuttlebug die metal side down on top of them. Place your clear B mat on top, and put it through the Cuttlebug.

Enjoy and have fun


Tante Käthe said...

I love bottlecaps. I flatten them in my kitchen with a hammer and hit my fingers most of the time, I will try the mallet, TFS!


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