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Come check out Scrapbook News and Review Magazine May Part 2. Its full of amazing eye candy, tutorials and so much more. If you don't have a subscription, get one today!!!!

Check out what others think about the magazine :)

"I went to the scrapping tutorials section and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe how many there were and every one of them was excellent. I sat for 3 hours just soaking it up until my 3 yo asked me when I was going to get off the computer." - MaryBeth Connelly
"I couldn't choose a favorite if I tried but OMG, the second installment is incredible! I don't know how you guys keep topping yourselves but you always do. I plan to go put this on my blog. No scrapbooker should be without a subscription." Anne Frost
"Awesome. It's the only word for it. Well, I've got 3 more for you. Keep it up! LOL" Jeanette Kaplan-Gregory
Here's what's inside

***tutorials by me

Scrapbooking Tutorials
Anglaise Pretties
Coloring Trim
Fabric Butterfly
Fabric Paper
Twisted Fabric Blooms***
Adding a 3-D Effect to a Photo***
Adding Text to Fabric***
Coloring Black-and-White Photos with Chalk***
Coloring Black-and-White Photos with Copic Markers***
Curly Fabric***
DIY Photo Overlays
Fibers Fabric Paper
Fabric Shapes***
Ribbon Curling
Twisted Fabric Flowers
Using Dryer Sheets to Make Embellishments & Create Interest***

Cards & Stamping Tutorials
Faux Stitching
Fork Bows
Heat Embossing on Fabric
Heat Embossing on Photos
How Do I Attach That? - Ribbon
Stamping on Velvet***
Mixed Media Tutorials
An Introduction to Gels, Mediums & Pastes
Adding Cardboard to Your Project
Baby Wipe Background
Canvas Breakdown: A Home
Crinkled Cardstock Background
Gels, Mediums & Pastes Primer
Paper Towel Background

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