OWSE : Fabric Flower Tutorial

Fabric  Flower
By Lucy Chesna

Supply List:
2 inch circle from cardstock, patterned paper or chipboard
Glue Gun
Scraps of fabric {1/2 inch to 1 inch strips)
Spray Mists
Step 1: Tie a knot on one of the end of the fabric piece
Step 2: Squeeze some hot glue in the middle of circle and press down the fabric knot on top.
Step 3: Start twisting the fabric tight so it’s easier to manage before you start creating your flower

Step 4: In a circular motion start twisting and wrap around the knot and add a little hot glue every few inches so it can be secure. At the end of the fabric just tuck it in the back and add glue secure it.
Step 5: Mist it with your favorite color and add some pearl ex to give some brilliance to it; let it dry

You are ready to add embellishments in the middle of your flower
It's a lot of fun to do and very addicting!

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Keri said...

Thanks for the how to, I love these flowers!