OWSE: Embossing Muslin Tutorial

Here another tutorial using muslin in your projects. I love the fabric and so easy to use when you emboss it. It leaves a beautiful imprint of the stamp that you use on the fabric.

Embossing on Muslin
By Lucy Chesna


Embossing Powder
Rubber Stamp (with not too much design to it)
Heating Gun
Misting Spray

Step 1: Cut a strip of muslin from your fabric. I can be any size but at least 1 ½ inches in width.  Take your stamp and add some versamark to it

Step 2: Press down the stamp onto the muslin strop; continue the pattern to the end of the strip of fabric
Step 3: Cover the area with embossing powder and take off access from the fabric. You can blow on it but not too much; Let it set for a minute

Step 4:  Using your heating gun on the fabric but not to close or it will burn. You want to keep the heating gun moving in a circular motion till the powder is melted; Let it cool.

Step 5:  Spray mist the fabric till it’s covered and then using a cloth or paper towel to take the excess off; Let it dry then you are ready to use it on a card or layout.

Finished Project

Enjoy J

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Not Quite a Newbie said...

I need to work more with fabric. I'm going to try this.