Glass Flowers Tutorial

Here is a tutorial I did over Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium

Glass FlowersBy Lucy Chesna

Melting Pot
Grabber Tool
Craft Mat or Teflon Mat
Versamark or other embossing pad

*The flowers can be punched from paper, cut from cricut, manufacture style flowers like Prima or hand drawn flowers.
Step 1: Turning on the Melting Pot
- Turn the melting pot to UTEE and add the UTEE to it till it melts. Don’t let it say too long heating or it will burn and make the flowers look yellow

Step 2: Emboss the the grabber tool so it does not stick to the UTEE

Step 3: Drop the flower down and then pull it up to drain. Lie it down on the Craft or Teflon mat and let it dry. Continue this step till you are done.

Step 4: Cut with your scissors extra stuff around the flower but be careful you don’t crack the flower
You are ready to add them to your projects

© Lucy Chesna Designs


LisaM said...

Gorgeous flowers Lucy! Great tutorial!

Tante K├Ąthe said...

Wow, they look so expensive! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!