{SNR} Valentine Wreath Tutorial

Valentine's Day Welcome Wreath

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Valentine’s is around the corner and I wanted to put a wreath on my front door. I went to store to check out some home decorative at a craft store and I was not impressed especially the prices. So I went back home and check out my stash and this is what I came up with.

I will be giving you 4 sections for this tutorial: how to create the wreath/hearts, how to create the flowers, how to create the banner and the assembly of the wreath.

How to make the wreath:
1.Grab your dinner plate and a saucer to create the circle from a 12x12 chipboard.
If you have circle cutters then you need a 10” inch circle and a 6” inch circle to do this.
2.Outline the plates then cut it out. Take your knife cutter and trim out the 6” inch circle.

3.Sand the inside and the outer area of the open circle

4.Cover the wreath with patterned paper or cardstock; sand the edges and ink it

5.Print the heart template; trace them on chipboard

6.Cover the hearts and ink it
How to create the flowers:
1.Print the template and cut your circles

2.Trace the circles on patterned paper
3.You will need to trace (4) 3 inch circles, (3) 2 inch circles and (2) 1 inch circles; Ink it

4.Cut with in a spiral way leaving a little circle in the middle as your base for your flower

5.Start where you made your first cut and start tightening into a circle; keep going till you reach the end , loosen it up a little then glue it down; let it dry and then ink it

6.You need to make 10 flowers total for the wreath

How to make the banner:
1.Cut a piece of chipboard 1 ½ x 11
2.Then cut these measurements from this piece: (1) 1 ½ x 5 ½, (2) 1 ½ x 2; Discard the left over

3.Take the two 1 ½ x 2 and find the center then draw a line from one of the chipboard and then repeat to the opposite side so it looks like a “V”; Cut that part out

4.Cover them with patterned paper; Ink it
5.Adhere the two short ones behind the bigger one but leave enough on the sides to look like a banner

6.Decorate it and add your word “Welcome”

The assembly of the wreath:
1.Glue down your hearts; add beading around the wreath and inside (optional) and 6 flowers (3 on each side) near the hearts.

2.Glue the sides of the banner; Adhere the 3 flowers on top

3.Punch two holes on top and run ribbon through it to make the handle for the wreath

4.Get your hot glue and trim the wreath outside with trim (optional)

5.You are done!

Finished Project

Valentine Welcome Wreath by Lucy Chesna Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper: Teresa Collins, Cosmo Cricket; Letters: American Crafts; Ink: Ranger; Tool: Creative Memories, Aileen’s; Other: Chipboard, String of Pearls, Trim; Ribbon

As you can see it so easy to make and you can use about anything for embellishments like flowers, ribbon, felt, fabric and so much more.

You can use this wreath and change it so it can match your home d├ęcor, your scrap room or give it as a gift like a baby or children’s room, a Mother’s Day gift with photos on it or to welcome a new neighbor. The list is endless.


LisaM said...

Beautiful wreath, Lucy! Thanks for the tutorial!

The Gov. said...

Beautiful wreath!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

oh my word! that is just the prettiest thing ever! i loved seeing it come together so beautifully! tfs!