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Sketches2Scrapbook is a Scrapbooking Sketch App that will allow you to think creatively on the go with over 100 unique sketches and layouts to keep you inspired

Sketches2Scrapbook is a totally self-contained system where you can search the sketches for the one that suits the layout you want to make - you can search by style, by number of photos, by embellishments, even by the number of different papers you want to use.
There is 66 sketches in the Winter release, you have enough to make different layouts every week, with an extra one for each month for a entire year – adding to that the 12 free sketches (build in from the Lite version) for 1 extra layout each month – that’s a lot of inspiration especially with the sample layouts added as they are inspiring in their own right.

This Winter release is full of themed sample layouts to suit the season from Christmas to Valentines and all the snow in between! Sketches2Scrapbook is a way to give you more time and space to scrapbook by keeping all the sketches you need at your fingertips.

The Full version is $3.99, and has the free sketches plus 66 more sketches and you can buy it here
and the free version has new 12 sketches to try out and you can download it here...

Here's a sneakie of some of the layouts from the Amazing artists who made all the beautiful layouts!!

and as a special for this weekend, we have reduced the price on the Original Sketches2Scrapbook release to $2.99!!! an awesome deal and you can buy those 116 sketches here!!

Note: Currently the App is only available for iPhone, iPad and iTouch - we are working on an Android/blackberry version and will update more when we can. Click here to learn more about the App

Here are my designs that are in there...I am excited and honored she chose to be part of this :) 


LisaM said...

Woohoo, Lucy! Congrats!

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