Flower Tutorial

This is an old tutorial I did at SNR last year using Stewart Superior Sprays

I love flowers and creating them to add to my cards and layouts

Here is one that easy to do with your punches or cutting machine. I used heart punches but you can use circle punches and it will give it the same effect.

Flower Tutorial

Heart or circle punches/cutting machine in different sizes
* (6)1 1/2"
* (5)1 1/4"
* (4)1"
* (3)1/4"
large brad
hole puncher or cropadile

1. Punch or cut your shapes, ink them then punch a hole at the bottom on each one shape
2. Take a brad and turn it upside down and start putting all the shapes through it. Start with the smallest and work your way up.
3. Open the brad to secure the flower and then you want to start bending each petal upward and scrunch it. It will start taking shape. Then bend some downward to give shape of the flower.
4. After you make the flower they way you like it then spray the mists on the flower. I added 3 colors onto the flower.
Now with doing this, the mist make the cardstock moist and this time you can play around with the flower to give it more detail to it.

Let it dry or you can use your heating gun if you don't want to wait

Then you are ready to add your beautiful flower onto a card or layout.

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perezmom said...

Very pretty - and this is one homemade flower I could do!