Dixie Pieces Glee Club Contest- Assignment #2

My 2nd assignment for Dixie Pieces is Alternative Music

Here is the challenge for second week of the contest: Alternative Music Challenge

Alternative is such a broad term these days, I think it meant much more when I was in the thick of things......but's someone who's a bit tortured, writes his/her own lyrics, plays his/her own lyrics....DOES NOT lip sync....relates to his/her fans, shares his/her own life experiences with the audience, and most importantly pays homage to THE GREATS who came before him/her and has great respect for them realizing that where you come from is just as important as where you're going!

Your challenge this week is to create a layout using one of the following *{TRAIN}* (figured I go easy on you...) songs in your title:

Let It Roll
Brick by Brick
Save the Day
You Already Know
Something More
I Am
For Me, It's You
Drops of Jupiter
In addition to the title, you need to create a layout that stays true to the genre of ALTERNATIVE. You can interpret that however you want. All we ask is that you include a few sentences of explanation in your forum post when you post your layout
and here is what I created for the challenge....Thanks for looking

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Teresa / Trees aWard in Crafts said...

That is a very deep but true sentiment you have used on that page. I can see it meaning many things when you come back and look at it over time. Very nice.
Hugs, Teresa xxx