Stamping On A Candle

Stamping On A Candle
By Lucy Chesna

This technique is a great way to transform a plain candle into something dazzling

Plain candle
Thin tissue paper
Rubber stamps
Quick drying ink (dye ink)
Heat gun


Cut the tissue paper to the size that you want for the candle

Stamp images onto the tissue paper. At this moment you can color the image(s)

Place the image into position on the candle that you desire

Now take the heat gun and GENTLY warm the surface of the candle. When the surface glistens the wax is fusing with the image . You can see the image soak into the melted wax, Remember to remove the heat immediately or it will melt too much and start dripping and distort the image on the candle.

Check the image to make sure if it has soaked into the surface. If not, reheat the surface gently. If the image tissue paper needs to be pressed down use a spoon but if you use your fingers be very careful.

Repeat if needed around the surface of the candle.

You can emboss the image before being applied to the candle
You can use colored tissue paper and it will give different effects to the candle
The rubber stamped images can be colored by marker pen, chalks, inks and paints

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