Final Days of 12 Days of Christmas at AWDML

Its our last of the 12 Days of Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the wonderful projects that the designers posted here the last 12 days.

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Mini Album
Lucy Chena

4 pieces- solid cardstock 5 ½ x10
1 piece - sold cardstock 5 x 5
2 pieces- chipboard to make album covers 5 x 5 ½
2 pieces- pattern paper 6x6
2 pieces -coordinating paper that will cover the inside of the covers for the album 4 ½ x 4 ½
Circle cutter or 1 inch punch (I used my CM circle cutter)
Scraps or paper that will be used to decorate your album
Inking (optional)

Part A- making of the inside pockets
Take your 5 ½ x 10 pieces of cardstock and take out your scoring tool out

At the 10 inch side- score at 5 inches
As the 5 ½ inch side- score ¼ inches on each side

Cut only one side of the ¼ inch to the 5 inch score line

Fold score lines
Add adhesive to the ¼ inch strip and fold over the top part to make a pocket

Repeat the steps to make 4 pockets

Use your circle punch to make a half a circle in the middle of the pocket (optional)

Part B- making your covers for the album

•Take the 2 pieces of the chipboard and cut them at 5 x 5 ½ inches

Cover it with the 6 x 6 pattern paper
Cut the sides in a angle to fold better

Adhere all around and firm it with a bone folder

Then cut 4 ½ x 4 ½ coordinating pattern paper or solid cardstock for the inside of the album covers

Part C- making of the binder for the album
Cut a 5 x 5 piece of sold cardstock
Score ½ all the way to the end. You will have 9 score lines when you are done
Fold the score lines in and out so they look like mountains and valleys

Part D- Putting it all together•Now take the binder and adhere one to one of the album covers

Adhere your first pocket on the top if the first “mountain of that binder and continue to do this till all the pockets put in the mini album

After this is done , use a bone folder to secure it better

Part E- finishing up the album
You are done with your book and you can start decoration it in any style or theme

Enjoy and have fun

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Bev said...

this is so cool and your easy tutorial is great.. Love the colour choices... it looks so rich and professional.. Merry Christmas