Create your own Leis Class

Create your own Leis
By Lucy Chesna

*the flowers can be from a punch, your cricut or other machine you have, or design of your own like I did here

Sewing needle
Fishing line or thread (30 inches
30 paper flowers *
7 straws or rolled up cardstock in 1x6 strips

Step 1
Cut the straws into 1 inch in length or cut up strips of cardstock about 1x6

Step 2
Create a basic design with your flowers, poke holes in the middle, ink it or add glitter to them

Step 3
At one end of the thread or line, tape it down onto a mat or table so it can be secure when you string the flowers

Step 4
On the other side, put your needle through the line or thread and start stringing your flower then a straw...repeat the steps till you have at least inch on each side of the leis

Step 5
Tie the ends together and cut the excess

YOU are done

This is a great to do a project with your kids or for that special party you are planning

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