Origami Wreath

Origami Wreath
by Lucy Chesna

12- 3x5 pieces of paper
liguid adhesive
hole puncher
inking (optional)


Cut out 12 pieces of 3x5 pattern paper

Fold the 3x5 in half ,then fold it again

Open it then tak one side and bring it to the center of the crease like shown here

Repeat step on the other side the flip it

You want to take one side and fold it to almost in the middle like shown here

Repeat on the other side and it will look like this

Take the flaps that you just folded; fold again to make it come up to look like a triangle

Fold again but make sure the sides that you folded a few times are in and you have a pocket on the other side of the triangle

Repeat this steps do all 12 pieces

Assembly of the Wreath

** this is the tricky part so you may have to do it a few times before you get the hang of it. I know I did

Take one of the triangles and it will be facing you with the point up, pocket on the left side

You want to grab the next triangle and at this time add some liquid adhesive on the each side of the tips of the triangle (not the pocket side) and slide it to the pocket side of the first triangle

Keeping doing this until the wreath is complete

You need to play around with it so it can look round for you and you may need to add more adhesive so it can be secure to make it an ornament.

Embellish your wreath and then its done!!!!

**Optional- punch a hole on top, thread a ribbon and it will be a nice gift to give

All Rights Reserved
(c) Lucy Chesna

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