Origami Tree Card

Origami Tree Card Tutorial
By Lucy Chesna

Supplies•Double sided paper
•Bone Folder
•Inking (optional)

You need to make 4 squares for the tree and each one has to me ½ smaller then the next one

Fold them in half then open them up

Then you will fold each from corner to corner

Pinch and push the 2 sides in like this, then crease it so you have a triangle

Then take 2 points and fold it down so it looks like a little arrow

When you have them all done then you will tape then to your card. I cut up a scrap of paper to make the truck and start fron the bottom and work up to create the tree.

You need to nest them inside of each other.

Then put the finishing touches on the tree and add your star on top…You are done!!!!

All Rights Reserved
(c)Lucy Chesna

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