Bo Bunny Brag Book

6x6 brag book
By Lucy Chesna

1-Take your (2) 12x12 pieces of cardstock and cut them to 6x12

2-Now fold each of them in half to look like 6x6 when folded

3-Take one of the 6x6 and open it; add adhesive to the back of another 6x6 and put it on top

4-Repeat the steps all around till it looks like a cross

5-Folding : start from the top and bring it down, then the bottom goes up to fold; right one then left

6- Decorating the mini album
•(9) 5x5 pattern papers for the album
•(3) 4 ½ x 4 solid cardstock
•(3) 1x5 pieces of pattern paper
•(1) 1x6 piece of pattern paper
•various buttons, chipboard, flowers and stickers to create the mini album
You can see how I did it shown down below

Front of Album

You are done to add your favorite pictures into your mini album

All Rights Reserved
©Lucy Chesna

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