Blog Challenge #5- HTML Code displayed in a scroll box

I know you have seen it befre especially on challenge and sketch blogs but now you will know how do it too :0)

Here is a banner I created this Stick Family from WiddleyTinks

Go to your blogger account, click on LAYOUT then to ADD A GADGET after to HTML/Javascript

Post your original banner or photo code

My Stick Family from

Then post your encoded code from to encode the code. This means it replaces the (<) and (>)in the whole code.

Copy and paste right after the original banner or photo you want to post on your blog

Now its to wrap scroll box to put the encode generator in it

<div style="BORDER-RIGHT: 0px solid; PADDING-RIGHT: 4px; BORDER-TOP: 0px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 4px; FONT-SIZE: 12px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 4px; OVERFLOW: auto; BORDER-LEFT: 0px solid; WIDTH: 395px; COLOR: #CCFF33; PADDING-TOP: 4px; BORDER-BOTTOM: 0px solid; FONT-FAMILY: arial; HEIGHT: 200px; TEXT-ALIGN: left"></div>

You put this code before your HMTL code and this code </div> at the end of it so it can wrap it

<center><embed pluginspage="" quality="high" allowscriptaccess="samedomain" align="middle" flashvars="t1=Christopher, Lucy, Chris Jr and Maggie&t2=The Chesna Family&sc=0x993333&pv1=1&pn1=14&px1=243.55&pf1=1&pv2=1&pn2=9&px2=180.8&pf2=0&pv3=1&pn3=19&px3=317.85&pf3=1&pv4=1&pn4=1&px4=128.8&pf4=0" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="230" width="500" wmode="transparent" name="My Stick Family"/></embed><br/><a href="">My Stick Family from</a></center>

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