{AWDML} MFG. Feature is Cosmo Cricket and More

I have been Lisa's designer for a year now and its been awesome. I love designing for her store and I am so proud to say that she asked me to be her DT Coordinator. I am stoked and we have many plans in the works for the next 6 months at {A Walk Down Memory Lane}.

I want to introduce you the new DT for the next 6 months

July Contest- All about Cosmo Cricket<----Click on this so you can get more inforation on the contest.

Here is some I did with cosmo cricket- Cosgmo Line

More CC poductts I used is in my slide in the gallery. You can check it out {HERE}

Plus being our Featured Manufacturer- You will ger 15% off Cosmo Cricket products during the month of July ------> Check out {HERE}

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