{Tutorial} Creating Flowers from Fabric

Here is a card I did from {Dixie Pieces May Kit} leftovers and created my flowers with fabric from the kit.

Creating Flowers from Fabric
By Lucy Chesna

The fabric needs to be stiffened so you can create your flowers from fabric

Supplies Needed:
wax paper
fabric stiffener
sponge brush
paper towel

Step 1. You want to take the piece of fabric and lay on top of the wax paper

Step 2. Then you want to squeeze a good amoung to the fabric stifferner on top of the fabric.

Step 3. With the sponge brush spread it around that the fabric is completely saturdated and then you want to peel it off the wax paper and turn to the other side and place it on a new piece of wax paper. Repeat step 2 and clean off the excess with paper towel.

For less stiffess:thin with water.
Clean up: use cool water and soap while wet

Step 4. Allow the fabric to dry up to 2 hours but it may take longer on how saturated the fabric is.

After the fabric piece(s) are dry then you can cut it up to make your flowers or anything you would like to do with it on your layout or card.

Here is the tutorial to make the {paper flowers}


scrappermimi said...

This is awesome girl! Love that flower!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Thanks for sharing this one darl!