CK Convention Fun!!!

My friend Christine and I went to the CK Convention in NH. It was great and went shopping especially in my favorite booths like Rusty Pickle, Quick Quotes, Dollar Scrapbooking and so much more

I won one of the door prizes when I was there- 1 year subscription to Paper Crafts ( woohooo) and had some yummy skinny cow ice cream.

The best part is I got FINALLY bought the Bind-it-All. They were having a special when you buy it, you get a package of stuff with coils to make 10 ablums. Its so cool.


Michele Brooks said...

That's sound like you had a lot of fun! I've never been to a convention, I'm hoping to go to GASC next month...I need to make sure I save up lots of spending money. lol. Grats on the door prize and the bind-it-all. I've always wanted the BIA. I think it's next on my list, right after the Slice. Happy Sunday!

Nicole said...

Wahoo, Lucy!! So glad you had so much fun and that you finally got your BIA!! I am sooooo coming with you next year!!!

Jackie said...

Hi Lucy, sounds like it was lots of fun! Have fun with your Bind-it All!