Let’s get organized with your photos

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Let’s get organized with your photos
By Lucy Chesna

After my computer crashed and I lost everything in it, I wanted to organize the photos I did have saved in cd. Well let’s just say that it was not organized and I am still organizing my photo files in the new computer. In the process of this, I have learned a few things.... I take too many photos and taking too many I just uploaded and never really made a home for my pictures. In fact, for a brief time, I would use the same pictures in all my creations because I would dread going through my photos to print them.
I felt overwhelmed. After I lost them, I needed to create a home- an organized home- for my new photos.

Can you relate to this? I know you can but how do you get things under control? Here is a few things that I have helped me get back in track into organizing my photos.

1.Set a count for your photos
Gain control of how many photos you take. I know I can here a gasp but remember decide on how many you REALLY need and stick to it. If you have to take several photos for an occasion then after its done narrow it down and delete the rest. Delete them before going on the computer because with our busy schedule we will say “I will do that later” and you know that won’t happen till you have too much.

2.Establish a Schedule
I have a daily planner for my designer stuff and a family calendar. I know you have one so pull it out and schedule an upload and sort day. This can be done weekly, monthly or every three months. Whatever you decide, write down “upload and sort photos” on your calendar and stick to it.

3.Develop a Filing System
Create a system that you will feel you can achieve it and stick to it. This means how you will organize your photos when you get then on the computer…by person, by date or by category.

4.Create “Folders” on your computer
When you right-click on that computer create a “NEW FOLDER” for 2009 pictures. This folder is going to be your main hub for your photos for this year. After that, you can create main folders for events, family, friends and other that will fit for organized needs. Once you have those folders, its time to create subfolders. You will update or add to them as needed.

I know you have folders with pictures, that’s awesome; once you established your system then you can create folders for your photos. When you get it organized then you can move your older photos to the new folders. During this time, you can delete photos that are extras, out of focus and just because.

5.Upload your Photos
Now with steps 1 through 4 is done then you can upload your new photos into your computer. I have a photo editing program that creates a subfolder for it. You want to cancel it because this will take away from being organized and over load your computer with unwanted folders. Click “My Computer” and go to your folders and click on the one that you want the photos go to and transfer them. You are done and you are on way to be organized with your photos for 2009
Once you have uploaded your photos in the folder, you can go back and rename them. Now this is optional but for me, I can find specific photos in the folders easy.

Just remember if you follow the steps and when its time to upload, you will be able to go to the folder of your choice and simply print your photos or get them developed. No more hours of finding those pictures for your next crop or creative spent at home.

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