Tutorial: Create your own Paper Flowers

Tutorial: Create your own paper flowers

Its easy and I am going to show how you can do one on your layout or cards.

Supply List:
Flower template
Patter paper or cardstock
Inking pad
Felt or any other embellishment to put in the middle of flower

1.Download file and cut out flower templates
2.Trace the templates to the desired paper you would like to use. I have 3 layers on my flower and it goes from smallest to largest

3.After cutting them then you want to ink them if desired

4.You want to cut then after each dent on the template. You can see I made lines thru the flower template to let you know where you need to cut with your scissors

5.When you cut all your flowers then pinch each petal on your flower

6.Then assemble the flower starting with the largest and you work up till the last flower is on top of the other. When you feel that the flower looks the way you want it than adhere it to each other.

7.Its embellishment time. You can add brads, eyelets , felt, fabric, stickles, flock it, spray mist it even a smaller flower to the center of your flower. You can run wild with

8.You are done and use your pretty paper flower on a layout or card

This is great for your scraps that you have. I even create the paper flowers with just cardstock and spray glimmer mist, maya mists or even a coat of stickles over it.

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Nicole said...

Great tutorial, Lucy! Thanks for the templates! Can't wait to try it!

Kris said...

Thanks for sharing your templates and instructions for these beautiful paper flowers! I will definitely be trying these as I have not been successful doing it my own way LOL! :)

GinniG said...

Awesome tutorial! I'll be trying these soon! Thanks for the templates too! You ROCK!!!

Jennie said...

Adorable flowers, Lucy! And a great tutorial :)

Lindasueanne said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

Heather Lough said...

Love those flowers. I need to try those.

Tammy said...

What a fantastic tutorial! Thanks Lucy!

GinniG said...

Lucy, this is AWESOME!!! Can't WAIT to try it myself! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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