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My Resolutions

I finally finished my layout for the Faith Sisters and ScrapDango challenge. I needed to pray on this and really know what resolutions I needed to make for myself. There are many but I am taking the one day at a time approach. I am also writing it down so it can be set in stone and shife myself into gear with this. The first step to accept then its to stand and then move forward to your goals. Thats what I will be doing in 2009.

Here is what I did for the challenge

Photo-A-Day Challenge- Its my my must have every morning before I start my day :)


GinniG said...

LOVE your Scrapdango LO!!! It's awesome Lucy!!!

Angela J. Prieto said...

I love your layout Lucy!!

Sue said...

Lucy, that is the most amazing lo!! Wow!!!

Kris said...

Oh my goodness, your LO is FABULOUS!! I love everything about it. Wonderful!

Colleen said...

You totally rocked that layout! I LOVE it! And I'm with ya on the coffee too! :o)