Another Awesome Award

I really love my online pals. Its great to get to know people and become friends. I have know a few for years and I wish someday I can meet them. I have meet a few from online and now we scrap together ( Hi Nicole and Betty :) ).

I recieved this award from a wonderful person...Gloria...I got to know here through Faith Sisters. She is such a sweet and talented lady and I am honored she choose me. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to award to these super cool ladies that I know because they inspire me.

3. Sue

4. Tara

Have a great day

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Sue said...

Thanks Lucy!! You're too sweet!! I hope someday to travel out by you, Nik and Betty!

Jennie said...

Thank you, Luc! You're pretty darn inspirational yourself :)

Rachel said...

AAAHHH thanks sweets! You inspire me all the time too!


Nicole said...

Awww! Thanks, Lucy!! *SMOOCH*

Betty said...

Thanks Lucy but since I am new to this blogging what do i do with the award!!!!!! help