Sunday Blogging

Its Sunday and only a fews days till Thanksgiving and that means crazy hours at the bakery. I work at a bakery inside a grocery store and let me tell you...I cant wait till 11/26.

It was a nice weekend here at home. Kids played, hubby played with his band and I cleaned some of the basement. I organized the Christmas stuff so I can just bring it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am checking sites and seeing what will be on sale on Black Friday. For the last two years , my mom, my brothers and I go to Walmart and get our Christmas shopping done. The most part I do but I never have luck when it comes to my kids.

I did scrap today for a challenge at Scrapbook Doodle. One of the designers ( Libby) challenged us to do a 6x12 or 12x6 layout but add something non scrapping. She told us to get a sleeve from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and use the sleeve in some way in your layout. I love corrigated stuff on layouts. It gives so much dimension to it.

I used Creative Memories Jewel Heritage Power Palette Kit

I love this kit and the hearts and owl is made from the sleeves from Starbucks

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Tara said...

Cool use of a starbucks sleeve. I have to pass this along to my starbucks buddy.