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I was tagged by friend - a wonderful and talented lady- ALLY!!

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1. I dont drive! I mean I dont have a license and never took lessons. I have a phobia for it. I use my legs for walking, bus or taxi to do things. I sometime have to ask people for help ( which I hate) but if I have the kids then its hard in times to this.

2. I had very bad acne at the age of 25 till I was 31. I used Proactive and helped so much. I have been using ever since

3. I have an associate degree in business

4. I recieved an award in highschool for business called the John Hancook Award

5. I worked in retail ( management position) from the ages of 19 till 26

6. My first job was at 14 and was a PT librarian near my house. I worked there till I was 18 years old

7. I was engaged for 4 years to another person before I meet my true love Chris in 1995

So now you know all my secrets....

I bet these 7 ladies will share theirs with you!

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Scrapworthy said...

Cool Lucy - I didn't know any of those things about you! I'll have mine up in a day or two...