Envelope Mini Bag Tutorial

I did this class for AWDML and will post it here too

Envelope mini treat bag

1.You will need an envelope size 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches. The seal the envelope

2. After that you want to cut the envelope in half

3. I used Dream Street paper to cover the front and back of one of the envelope then take a strip of color cardstock and adhere to one side of the paper like this here

4.Add your flowers and any other embellishments to the envelope bag. After that then stamp a sentiment on it.

5. Then you are done to add your goodies to your envelope. I made these for some of my friends that I won’t be seeing at Christmas


Colleen said...

What a cute idea for a little gift! Cute Lucy!

Colleen said...

Left you a little something on my blog!

groovyscrapbooker said...

A great idea Lucy - thanks!!! I left you a fun surprise on my blog - please check it out!