{Tips} Making Cards with Photos

Cards with Photos

Create cards with scraps and leftover photos. You know you have them and I know I do (too So why not use them in a special way.

They are quick and easy to make.

Send those cards to....

Relatives who don’t get to see you or your kids very often

Family and friends that you didn’t see and to tell them you missed them

People who might appreciate a thank you note—even if it’s late

Someone that needs cheering up now

Anyone you can send a regular card would enjoy receiving a photo card. These handmade cards will never get tossed out. It will be cherished. So go over to your photos and make a card. It will be fun!

Here is my card that I made for a friend. The photo is the picture of a flower that grows in the front of the house.


Lori Ann said...

Beautiful!!!! I totally need to make some cards soon!

Jennie said...

Beautiful card, and lovely reminder to actually send one or two :)