[Tutorial] 1 Sketch ....3 Ways

I did a tutorital for The Scrapbook Site newsletter about sketches. I create my own sketches and just love creating layouts with sketches. I use my own but also from Becky Fleck (THe lady just rocks in my book and most nicest person I ever met online) plus other sketch artists that I admire.

People have asked me how I create my sketches and how to use a sketch to make a layout.

I will briefly discuss how you can use one sketch and create many layouts with it.

What is a Scrapbook Sketch?
A scrapbook sketch is a rough drawing of an idea that can be used in a layout, card and project. Sketches are intended as a guide or a starting point for you to create your own individual page.

One Idea Many Looks
Looking at a sketch gives you many looks. When you look at the sketch, create it on paper with just the shapes that you see. Turn the paper and see how you can create a layout every time you turn that paper. Those boxes are just the building block of your creation. I am telling you, try this technique and it will lead you to others and along the way you will be creating your own sketches of your layouts.

You can take this same sketch and give to 20 people and those people will have different approach to it. I love that. These little variations make your layout unique and that's great. That's the beauty of a sketch!

Here is the sketch from Becky Fleck that I used for this example

I took Becky Fleck sketch and created 3 layouts/1 card. The first layout with my kids called 'Friends"- I took the sketch and created it exactly then after that I turned the sketch and created the one with my son but I did not stop there. I again turned the sketch and made my daughter's layout called "Adorable". That did not stop me, I took the scraps from the layouts I did and created a card with a section of the sketch. I could"ve made layouts even cards if I wanted too. Dont be frighten, have fun and give it a try.

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This is awesome, girlie! Check my blog and you'll see that I have awarded you with the Arte y Pico Award for inspiration and creativity. Come grab the picture of the award.