Loving this week!!!!!

I have a few toots today I want to share

* I won in a random drawing for $150 worth of scrapbooking supplies from WeScrap (formly ISA). I am soooooooooo excited????

* I won a rak for the crop weekend at Scrapdango

Big ONE:::: I was asked to join the Inspirational Team at WeScrap (formly ISA). I am soooooo excited and honored that they asked me. We have wonderful team there and I am so happy to be on the team.

I love happy mails....

It been crazy at work in the bakery sine Easter is SUnday. I have worked since Monday and finally taking a day off tomorrow. Well its time to for dinner and heading off to church. Today is the Last Supper of Christ and church starts at 7:30pm


Tracey said...

That's ALOT of happy mail!!! CONGRATS on all.

Lisa J. said...

Congratulations! You needed some good news! I am so happy for you!