Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Today is my 36th birthday...I cant believe I am already this age and loving it. I am soooooo lucky to awesome friends over at Scrapbook Doodle. We have known each other for almost 4 years and adore these ladies(((smooches)))

I am going to work then relax the rest of the day till later....not sure what we will be doing yet till hubby gets home but it will be fun with my family.

I want to also do a shout out to JAnice-- Happy Birthday Girlie (((WINK WINK))


Jennie said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!!
I hope you have an awesome day, you young little momma, you! :)

Melissa said...

I hope that you had a fabulous birthday, and that you got lots of nice gifts! Isn't 36 great? I am just about to put that number behind me! lol!

Jolene said...

Hey, sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it was a great one. *HUGS*