Whats Happening....

Crazy week this week....not much online which it was a major withdrawl for me but life to a hold this week

* worked all week till 2pm
* septic tank came back to haunt me on Wednesday and finally have a bathroom again............very gross just to tell you
* 6 cracked tiles that have been replaced and getting grouted right now
* linking piped in the kitchen and the pipes making noise ( Let me now think about that right now)
* dishwasher not working
* hubby sick for 4 days straight

All just want to make you screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BUT on the bright side

* I have an awesome hubby and kids
* I love to scrapbook
* I emjoy being online and chat with my scrap friends
* Son brought his grades up and now have 3 b's and 2 a's ( I am so proud of him)
* daughter brought awesome grades to love it
* Finally seeing the finacial light at the end of the tunnel. Not there yet but getting there

So all the stuff is goin on life I am grateful for what I do have. Thank you God!

Now off to scrap with a friend at the lss near me till midnight........I am so needing this week and cant wait.

Have a great weekend everyone

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Sherine said...

Love the goods and bads list. I need to do that once in awhile. Easy to get lost in the bad isn't it.

What is Dacom? Is it for the computer, to write and draw with? Very cool.