Thoughts for the New Year

I cant belive that the its 2008 and feel alredy behind on some

Today I am making a pledge for being better organized. SInce I started working, I have been every where and trying to do this and everything in my life the last few weeks and I have had it I am making some changes for myself in the scrap and personal world. I am going back to the basics. I going to scrap again because I want too and not for deadlines. I had so many deadlines that it was impossible to just simply scrap. Not this year!!!!

A new year to set goals and do them. No more excusses and no more "poor me" attitude. Its been dragging me down physically and mentally. I am not doing that anymore. Its the NEW me!

I have things that I am planning behind the scenes and hoping to let you guys know soon but for now its hush

Have a great weekend and God bless you all

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