Hump Day

Its only 5 days before Christmas ..are you ready???

I am almost done..just need to get 3 GC's and then we are done. I am excited about

Let see whats going here this week...the car had to go into the shope again because the right brake wire was broken and needed to be replaced then getting bad news from my friend..her mom died on Sunday and today is the wake. Its really hard to loose someone epsecially during the holidays but we know that she is in peace and she is with our Lord. I pray for Christine and her family at this difficult time.

I fell at work. I was backing in the backroom and did not see the slick part of the ground and I fell right on both knees. I skinned both knees and my right one is hurting me. I am sore but alright.

Can I tell its been a crazy day today. I hope for a better tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!

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Kelly said...

I won't be around much till after the New Year so I just wanted to stop by and say , Merry Christmas and have a great 2008 my friend!