Serendipity Scrapbooks Shameless Plug Contest

Serendipity Scrapbooks Shameless Plug Contest

Deadline:November 30, 2007

We need your help in promoting an awesome site and store and what a better way than to incorporate this wonderful community by throwing a $50.00 Gift Certificate to the Serendipity Scrapbook store your way. I’m Shameless, shameless as a Woman can be………(do you remember that old Garth Brooks song?).

Yep, that’s right. How would you like to win a $50.00, $25.00, or a $15.00 gift certificate to Serendipity Scrapbooks just by posting about our site and linking us up. It’s that easy. This contest will run from November 6th thru November 30th, 2007

Here’s how you do it.

1. Post a tidbit about Serendipity Scrapbooks on your blog, my space, non competing sites or any where you can post it. You will also need to link Serendipity Scrapbooks site at You can even post some of your creations in our gallery by registering in the forum and the gallery and then link us up with your wonderful creations at Just make sure you have Serendipity Scrapbooks name and link in your message.

Join us as a member of Serendipity Scrapbooks and find our Shameless Plug contest thread. You will have to register in the forum first and then you will need to provide us with the link of your Shameless Plug so that we know that you are helping us out.

Once you provide a link with the name of Serendipity Scrapbooks and the link to our site, your name will be entered one time into a drawing for the gift certificate.

You can plug our site www.serendipityscrapbooks as many times throughout the month that you want for more entries into the drawing!!! Just make sure you come to the site and link us up in the correct forum with all the links to your plug. The more you shamelessly plug the site the better the chance for you to win the $50.00 gift certificate to the store.

Note: Please be mindful to sites that prohibit plugging other store sites and their rules and regulations. You have to use your discretion

Serendipity Scrapbooks Store has over thousands of items for you to choose from. The most up to date and newest releases can be found in the store.


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ellen said...

imagine what you could do with that 50 GC!!!! some serious damage!