Thoughts for the Day

This is will be a long one today...this one is about soul searching the true meaning of scrapbooking for me

Keeping your work safe....I don't mean page protectors but protecting you work from plagiarism or copycat of your layouts, cards and projects. We all love to scraplift but you need to give credit that is due to the designer. I may get some slack from this but as a scrapbooker and sketch designer, I would like to get credit of my work as well giving credit to others. There are times I go to boards and see my sketch on someones layout and no credit is posted. I love when people use my sketches and I am very honored but just put down ..used Lucy Chesna Sketch Design or a link to the site thats all I ask.

I also have realized that their are scrappers out there are stealing scrapbookers work. I am just astonished that people would do that to others fellow sister scrapbookers. Its sad that this industry has gone to this extent. We have so much talent and its being twisted.

I see scrapbookers putting a watermark of their signature on there work. I hate to say this but I think we all need to do this. I just don't know how to do it, so if anyone knows please email me, I would love to start doing this with my work.

After a long search inside myself, I have realized that all the DT stuff is not what it cracks up to be. I love the free stuff but this is not what I wanted. I just wanted to belong somewhere and be there forever..not for 6 months or so but there and feel being part as a team. Through all my searching, I have made a few places my home and will never leave ..not just because I am in the DT but I feel my opinion matters and my work is being appreciated. Now all the others places I feel the same way but to me certain places I feel more connected than others. You know what I mean. I am very fortunate to be in the DT that I am in and I am honored that they choose me as there DT. I ALWAYS give my best to all my boards that I am. I know this is selfish but when I don't get chosen again as DT for a board. I feel betrayed. I know this is wrong but I do feel like this. It goes away but its the constant nagging in my head is WHY?? I did my part and did more ...why was I not chosen again? Like I said it goes away and I move on. Self-doubts comes out and hovers over my head and I feel I am not a good scrapper. You know what ...I AM!!! I don't need the DT to let me know that I am good but the most important thing in all of this is...I am doing this for my kids and my future generations...Thier are the ones that will see this year after year. Their the ones that will remember and will cherish it. Its all for them and I finally woke up.

I am going back to the basics...enjoy scrapping and enjoy the time of being DT. After all of this is done, I will still be scrapping and enjoying myself chatting away with my online friends. That's what is all, friends and scrapbooking the memories.

Well I am off my soap box now and off to scrap!!! God Bless!


Scrapworthy said...

Good points Lucy. If I know the person well, I try to give credit for a sketch, but if it's from somewhere widely known such as Page Maps, I don't always remember to do that.
Sometimes I find random ones on the internet, and by the time I use it - I can't remember where I got it.
And as for being DT etc. I agree with you there too - being constantly passed over is really damaging to my self esteem - I really don't even want to try anymore! As long as I'm happy with my style and love what I do, that's all that should matter anyway.
I just want to "play" with my friends, and create memories for my family - and that really is enough.

Jaime said...

Those are some very good points lucy!!! I feel bummed alot for being passed over for dt too. so i have decided that whatever happens, happens. i didn't submit anything this month. i am comfortable where i am and i like/enjoy the work i do. my family enjoys looking at them and that makes me happy. so......((hugs)) to you lucy!! and i am glad to be working with you!