Awesome Weeekend

Can I say my husband is so HOT when he plays with his band. I love muscians and they are hot ( well my husband at We went to Fody's in NH on Saturday and they were smoking at the joint. It was awesome and the place was packed when they play. Here are some pics from Saturday plus some pics where taken of me. Thats right, someone took pics of me and I like them...well I took off my glasses off first before they took it. I hate wearing

Here are some pics we took at the birhday party we went today ..the kids has a great time plus some pics at the backyard. It was a beautiful day that I cooked some hamburgers and ate near the fire ...the kids loved it and we did too.

Well, I am pooped and off to bed to start a new week

See you at the boards


~~Lu~~ said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love the photo of you! WOWSERS!! :D

Jaime said...

Looks like an awesome weekend!! Love the pics! you are a hottie!