The Big Secret is Out

I have been holding on to this for a year now and finally I can reveal what I do when you guys dont see me online some days.

Did you get it????

I bet you never thought I was one of the PubCalls Crew but I am am. Our Pubcall Queen is still a secret but the crew have announced the reveal. We will be adding new crew to the team. If you are interested please email Pam and I are working hard at Pubcalls and loving it.

So you know now who has been responding your emails in the past ....BWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


Lynn Anne said...

ha! I'm surprised...but then I'm not. YOU ARE EVERYWHERE!

Rachel said...

Gosh girl! Do you ever sleep? LOL Thanks for doing such a great job!!!

ania said...

That's very cool - really appreciate your work! Cheers! :)

Lisa said...

Girlie... do you eveah sleep? You are everywhere! I love it and I'm not suprised it is you.

How many people worked behind the scenes?

Angela Prieto said...

Congrats girlie!!!

By the way, you've been tagged! Check out my blog.