The weekend is here.....

and its time to relax and be with my family.

I need to finish my layout for the scrap contest at KMA the deadline to tomorrow and I hope I can make.

I am finding pics for my son when he was a baby all the way till now. He is doing a timeline for a school project that is due nest week.

I will post when the project is done.

Well, I hope everyone has a great to Monday!!!!


Yvonne said...

ahh the KMA contest... I decided not go to through with it. LOL Goodluck Lucy. I've got some stuff to do. Don't know if I got time to do long contest right now. LOL

Di Hickman said...

I have DT assignments to do this weekend, should be doing them now. yet here I sit online! lol!
good luck lucy!

Susie said...

enjoying your sketch blog! have not done one yet but guarantee I will!!!