Tag YOU are IT!!!!

Thats right...whoever sees this in my blog you have been tagged

Here is a Blog Challenge for you!!!

I saw this in another site and I thought it would be cool to do it here

Lets Talk about Scrapbooking
This is the first blog topic.
Easy enough.

Now, it can be anything about scrapbooking!
It can be a list of your favorite layouts
Favorite memories about how you started scrapbooking
Favorite embellisment
Favorite Tools
Favorite Techniques

We all love scrapbooking
So lets talk about it.

Don't forget to link your blog here once you have completed the challenge

1 comment:

Dustanne said...

You Rock Lucy. Keeping up with all these forums and two blogs and then the site. Wow how do you do it, oh and ya you keep the house up.
I think you ROCK! I admire you!

Keep up the great work girl!!!!